ACARA Outcomes Program

We provide quality programs that fulfill the outcome statement in the ACARA Curriculum

Our lessons are inclusive, engaging and energetic, designed to suit all ages from Kindergarten to Year 12. Our routines and music are constantly being revised and updated, keeping up with the latest trends whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the ACARA principles. Our instructors work with class teachers to assess students’ progress with our unique and easy Assessment Tool.

Our team empowers students throughout the lesson to be confident and to believe in themselves. We pride ourselves in service and results. The confidence, joy and smiles students display at the end of term performance is a testimony to the service of our instructors and a worthwhile investment in the lives of your students.

Contact Creative Dance Industries now to see how we can empower your students.

Do you have a vision for a special theme or style?

Our program can cater for special requests. Whether you’d like dances from a specific culture, from past decades or other creative themes, we are happy to make your vision a reality! Programs are finalised 5 weeks before the commencement of the term, so please contact us today to discuss your vision.