Frequently Asked Questions

Some children prefer to remain in their school uniform as they come straight from class. However, if your child would feel more comfortable and confident in their favourite outfit we definitely encourage them to get changed before class. Hip Hop classes require enclosed shoes and pants at the least. It is appropriate to wear a dress or flowy skirt with ballet slippers in our ballet/contemporary classes. However, sometimes it is easier to remain in school uniform and simply remove shoes and socks for ballet. If the outfit is comfortable and appropriate attire for dance, your child is ready to go.

Please pack an extra snack and a water bottle for your child to bring to class.

Yes! You most certainly can. Our instructors will teach new routines every couple of weeks and we always welcome new students. 

If the fee for the term remains on your account after dropping a class that your child won’t be attending, please contact our team so we can correct it manually.

Visit the Parent Portal and click on the Shopping Trolley Icon then the studio store and find your school’s costume.

Visit the Parent Portal and click on the ticket icon