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We are excited to offer fun and interactive dance education programs that engage and challenge students of all ages. Our all-inclusive dance programs are designed to fulfill the outcome statements in the ACARA curriculum, while keeping the journey interesting and enjoyable for everyone involved. Our talented instructors work closely with teachers to assess students’ progress with our unique assessment tool, and our dance lessons build resilience, persistence, and confidence in students. With a variety of dance styles to choose from, including traditional and cultural dances from around the world, we aim to promote an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, while creating amazing choreography for your school’s musical, choir, or graduation performance. Join us and see how our lively and exciting presentations can make the dance showcase the most well-attended function of the year!

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Book – Schedule the dance lessons at a time that suits you, and our experienced instructors will deliver engaging and energetic lessons that fulfill the ACARA curriculum.


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