Vacation Care

Our Dance Incursions

Sit back, relax but don’t forget your camera! Creative Dance Industries have you covered these holidays with our Vacation Care Programs. Our Dance Incursions are very popular across Queensland from Rockhampton to Coolangatta with exciting dance routines themed to the latest trends in music, movies and pop-culture. 

Our incursions are a great way to get school aged kids excited for the day, encouraging them to dress-up, dance, play, and perform as their favourite characters. Our instructors present high-energy, fun routines for students of all ages and skill levels. We bring lights, sound, bubbles, games and prizes. Choose from the vast range of trending themes below or contact us to create your own. Please contact Michelle for more information on 0438 487 968

Keep Fit. Have Fun

Zumba Dance Fitness Challenge

Looking for a fun and engaging way to keep your child active during the school holidays? Look no further than Creative Dance Industries’ “Zumba Dance Fitness Challenge” Vacation Care Program! Our experienced and passionate instructors will guide your child through a series of high-energy Zumba dance routines that are sure to get their heart rates up and their bodies moving. 

Not only will your child have a blast learning new dance moves and grooving to the latest music, but they’ll also develop important fitness skills that will benefit them for years to come. So why not enroll your child in our Zumba Dance Fitness Challenge and let them keep fit and have fun this school holiday season!

Brilliant Bollywood Dance Parties

Get ready to add some sparkle to your vacation care program with our “Brilliant Bollywood Dance Party”! Step into the vibrant world of Bollywood and get ready to learn fun and energetic dance moves to the rhythm of popular Bollywood songs. Experience the drama, song, dance, and storytelling that are an integral part of this Indian film industry. 

Our interactive and eye-opening program will take you on a journey to a different part of the world, where you will discover the unique cultural significance of dance. Get your child’s dancing shoes on and let them join us for a truly unforgettable experience!

Entertain, Excite, Energise.

Disco Dance Parties

Discos can be tough gigs. We’ve got you covered! The Creative Dance Industries team specialize in hosting unique, high-energy, exciting disco nights. Students flock to the floor to follow fun routines, taking their experience of dancing with friends under the disco lights to a whole new level. Our music is upbeat and family friendly. We have the perfect mix of free-style dance, instructor led routines, unique games and karaoke throughout the night. 

If you’re after an affordable, successful event with great music, disco lights, smoke machines, dance games and prizes, contact our team to book your disco today!

Book early to secure your date during peak disco seasons!

Multicultural Dance Experience

Looking for a fun and educational way to keep your child engaged during the school break? We’ve got you covered/ In this exciting program, children will explore the rich world of dance, discovering the reasons why different cultures celebrate and express themselves through movement. Children will broaden their cultural horizons and gain a deeper appreciation for diversity through experiencing a variety of dance styles and music. 

Our experienced instructors will guide children on this multicultural journey, promoting inclusivity and respect for different cultures while having fun and staying active. Enroll your child today and let them embark on a journey of discovery and creativity!


The music, colours and excitement of Trolls will have everyone tapping their feet and bouncing to the beat. Our instructors will present a dance, then teach some awesome fun routines before playing dance games. Your students will love the variety of activities.